How to Ensure Your Next Boating Trip is a Success

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting all your friends or family to come out on the boat, then find you were not prepared and the trip is completely ruined. All you have to do is pay close attention to this boating checklist and your next trip will be a huge success, regardless if you are entertaining one or a dozen on your boat.

Here is the boating checklist for a successful time on the seas provided by our friends over at – visit them to find your next boats for sale in your area:

Boats for Sale1. Be sure you have all your papers with you or in a waterproof bag. These include your license, insurance, permits, and anything else that you need if questioned by authorities.

2. Regardless how many people you will be entertaining, make sure that you bring more than enough life jackets. Your responsibility is the safety of each passenger and yourself, so never allow anyone on board if you are short a life jacket.

3. The last thing that you need is having mechanical failures miles out to see. Take the time to ensure that you or a mechanic has really given the entire boat a good look over or you could be stranded and putting everyone at risk.

4. Whether you are planning a trip around the area or to a location far off, always know in advance where all the fuel stations are because if you run low you have to make a beeline to the station or you are going to be calling for a tow with a boat full of unhappy passengers.

5. Be sure that you bring plenty of water and enough food for everyone. Make sure to have stuff available to help those who experience motion sickness when you are miles from shore too.

6. Always make certain you have a packed first aid kit on board in the event something goes wrong. By now you should have invested in a safety training course too, you responsibility is every person on that boat.

7. The weather can turn on a dine, and if a lightning storm rolls up on your quickly, you may be caught off guard and risk getting into real trouble. Always have a weather radio on board that can warn you if dangerous conditions are present near you or where you plan on driving during the day.

Now that you know the checklist for success, be sure to commit them to memory or carry this list with you so that you can knock each one off before you set sail for the day.