The Importance of Your Website Being Properly Optimized in Charleston SC

Website optimization is essential for getting traffic to not only find your pages, but to interact on your site. You could have the best Charleston SEO experts get you traffic, but unless the content on your website is relevant and fresh, users will click back off your pages to never return. The following information is going to show you how all these components together work to get and keep new visitors on your pages so you can grow your following.

charleston seo1. The most important part of the SEO process is getting keywords that match your content but are getting searched by organic traffic. The delicate balance should be like this, you want long tail keywords that are getting a decent amount of searches each day, but not too many that you are being buried by the competition. Once you identify those keywords, they need to be placed in key locations of your website.

2. The first place these keywords will be added in into new articles. Your website needs fresh content in order to attract the search engines and position you higher in the organic standings. Once the keywords and content are indexed, people searching those terms will land right on that page, so the information must be fresh, it has to be relevant, and it must provide the visitor benefits and improve your content marketing.

3. Now that the visitor is on your website, you have to keep them engaged. To do this, a functioning navigation bar on each page will get the user to additional information in one click of the mouse. If your website is about puppy training and the visitor arrived by way of your article on how to house train a puppy, if your navigation bar has a link for how to stop a puppy from biting, they can get to the additional information lightning fast. This is the key to end-user engagement.

4. Now that you have been working on the exterior of the website, there is further work needed behind the scenes that will further help get you more traffic. The meta fields on each page need to be optimized and match the content exactly, this way when the search engine spiders crawl those pages, they will be indexed and then ranked higher and higher as more propel being interacting with your pages.

Now that you know the importance of these optimization techniques, work on one at a time or better yet, get a hold of the SEO experts who can do this professionally and get you the biggest positive results.